Designed for Comfort on your Ride.

Hand bar tape is one of the key factors that determine a comfortable ride. Over the years, many different materials have been used; ie cloth, cork, rubber, synthetic, etc. Yet nothing comes close to the comfort that real leather provides. At Bernali, we decided to bring back comfort at an affordable price.

Bernali Handle Bar Tape

Each roll of Bernali Handle Bar tape is made from premium full grain softy cow leather.  During the production cycle, we pressed the leather before thinning to the required thickness. This process effectively increases the amount of leather fiber in each tape and adds cushioning and pliability.  At the same time, it strengthen the tape thus reducing the chance of tear.  We have not forgotten about weight, with each pair of bar tapes weighing just 90gm.

Each roll of tape have 4 rows of perforation holes to allow better ventilation.  To enable ease in wrapping, we tapered both ends such that it can be wrapped from the left or right side of the handle bar.  Hassle-free application.

We currently produce and stock two popular colors; Ebony and Honey. More exciting colors will added in the coming months.

Bernali Handle Bar Tape Kit comes complete with

  • 2 x 200cm perforated leather bar tapes
  • 2 x 15cm perforated leather strips
  • 2 x 15cm black cloth strips
  • All tapes come with self adhesive backing.
  • Tapes are suitable for flat, bull, trekking and drop bars.

For more information, contact us


Honey bar Tape design

At Bernali, we believe in maintaining our premium products at affordable pricing.  In keeping to this philosophy, we strive to optimize the usage of each sheet of cow hide. Hence, our bar tapes come in 2 variants.

Full – 2 rolls of leather tapes without joints, cut from the longest length of the hide. This variant gives a clean finish for drop bars, a beautiful addition to fix gear bikes with uncluttered handlebars.

Single Joint – Each roll of bar tape has a joint in the middle (100cm mark). Hence, the stitch area wraps neatly under or inside the shifters.  Each joint is carefully stitched at an angle for better tensile strength.  Without a doubt, the single joint tapes will perform as well as the full tapes, and at an even more affordable pricing.  A reduction in wastage equates saving, which we at Bernali passes down to our value buyers.

Bar Tape Joint

Both variants are available in two popular colors; Ebony and Honey.  For more information on where to buy Bernali Handle Bar Tapes, please contact us.

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